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Dress Codes and Head Dress

The British Army have a dress code for every occasion. Below are listed the 14 dress codes used by the Army during the 1980's. Further down the page you will find information on the colours of the dress caps and Berets used by the various regiments.

Dress Codes

  • Full Dress:   Traditional Dress for Household troops whilst on Public duties.

  • No.1:     Blues (1947 Pattern Blues) - Temperate ceremonial dress uniform No.1 introduced in the 1950's. Supplied to wear on 'appropriate Occasions' to: Senior Ranks, Bandsman, Drummers, Buglers, Pipers, RMP, Royal Signal Motorcycle Display team and Sandhurst Cadets.

  • No.2:     Temperate Service Dress - Best Dress and Parade uniform since 1960.

  • No.3:     Warm-weather ceremonial - White versions of No.1 Dress; issued to Bands, Corps of Drummers and Buglers.

  • No.4:     Officers Warm-weather service dress - For Formal occasions (not Parade)

  • No.5:     Battle Dress - Last listed in 1969, now obsolete.

  • No.6:     Warm-weather Parade - Worn for Ceremonial and formal Parades.

  • No.7:     Warm-weather Barracks.

  • No.8:     Dress Temperate DPM - Main Combat dress for all ranks.

  • No.9:     Tropical DPM Combat - 1976 version of No.8 Dress.

  • No.10:    Temperate Mess - Officers, WOs and Senior NCOs in there Messes on formal occasions.

  • No.11:    Warm Weather Mess Dress - Warm weather version of Dress Code No.10.

  • No.12:    Protective Clothing - Work coveralls used by AFV crewmen, REME, RAOC, Cooks and Surgeons.

  • No.13:    Temperate Barracks - Interchangeable with No.14 Dress since 1960. 

  • No.14:    Shirt-sleeve order (May to October before 18.30hrs) - Interchangeable with  No.13 Dress. The shirt sleeves are rolled up above the elbow.

Regimental head-dress


The Normal everyday head-dress of NCOs and Soldiers (and in some regiments of all ranks) is the beret or national equivalent. which is usually  Dark Blue in colour.

Exceptions are as follow:
     Grey  The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
     Brown The Royal Hussars
     Black  The Royal Tank Regiment

All regiments of Foot Guards   

The Honourable Artillery Company

The King's own Royal Border Regiment

The Royal Anglian Regiment

The Prince of Wales own Regiment of Yorkshire

The Green Howards

The Duke of Wellington's regiment

     Rifle Green 

The Light Infantry

The Royal Green Jackets

The Brigade of Gurkhas

The Women's Royal Army Corps

     Maroon The Parachute Regiment
     Beige The Special Air Service
     Light Blue The Army Air Corps
    Scarlet The Royal Military Police
    Cyprus Green The Intelligence Corps


The Royal Marines wear a Green beret and the RAF Regiment an Air Force Blue beret.  

Dress Cap Colours

The colours below are representative and not an exact match.


Cap Colours




Welt behind crown

The Life Guards Blue Scarlet


The Blues and Royals Blue Scarlet Scarlet
Royal Horse Artillery   Blue Scarlet


1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards   Blue Blue Blue

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Blue Yellow Blue
4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards   Blue Royal Blue Royal Blue
5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards Green Primrose Yellow Primrose Yellow
The Queens Own Hussars   Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet
The Queens Royal Irish Hussars   Red Red Red
9th/12th Royal Lancers Scarlet Scarlet Blue
The Royal Hussars Crimson Crimson Crimson
13th/18th Royal Hussars  White Blue
14th/20th King’s Hussars   Red Red Red
15th/19th The King’s Royal Hussars   Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet
17 th/21st Lancers  Scarlet Blue Blue
Royal Tank Regiment Black Beret
Royal Regiment of Artillery   Blue Scarlet Scarlet
Corps of Royal Engineers   Blue Blue Scarlet
Royal Corps of Signals   Blue Blue Blue

Grenadier Guards

Blue Scarlet


Coldstream Guards   Blue White White
Scots Guards Blue Scarlet/White/Blue diced Band Scarlet
Irish Guards   Blue Green Green
Welsh Guards   Blue Black Blue
The Royal Scots

Blue Glengarry, Scarlet/Blue/White Dicing, Scarlet Toorie

The Queen’s Regiment   Blue Scarlet Scarlet
The King’s Own Royal Border Regiment   Blue Scarlet  


The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers   Blue Scarlet


The King’s Regiment   Blue Scarlet


The Royal Anglian Regiment   Blue Scarlet


The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment   Blue Blue Scarlet
The Light Infantry   Rifle Green Rifle Green Rifle Green
The Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire Blue Blue Scarlet

The Green Howards

Blue Blue Scarlet
The Royal Highland Fusiliers Blue Glengarry, Scarlet/Blue/White Dicing, Scarlet Toorie
The Cheshire Regiment   Blue Blue Scarlet
The Royal Welch Fusiliers   Blue Scarlet  


The Royal Regiment of Wales  Blue Scarlet


The King’s Own Scottish Borderers   Blue Glengarry, Scarlet/Blue/White Dicing, Scarlet Toorie
The Royal Irish Rangers Green Bonnet
The Gloucestershire Regiment   Blue Blue Scarlet
The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment  Blue Blue Scarlet
The Queen’s Lancashire Regiment   Blue Scarlet


The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment  Blue Blue Scarlet
The Royal Hampshire Regiment   Blue Scarlet


The Staffordshire Regiment
The Black Watch  Blue Bonnet
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment Blue Scarlet  


Queen’s own Highlanders  Blue Glengarry, Scarlet Toorie
The Gordon Highlanders Blue Glengarry, Scarlet/Blue/White Dicing, Scarlet Toorie
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Blue Glengarry, Scarlet/White Dicing, Scarlet Toorie
The Parachute Regiment   Maroon Beret
The Brigade of Gurkhas   Kilmarnock Cap
The Royal Green Jackets   Rifle Green Rifle Green  Black
Special Air Service Regiment   Tan Beret
Army Air Corps   Light Blue Beret
Royal Corps of Transport   Blue Blue White
Royal Army Ordnance Corps   Blue Scarlet Scarlet
Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers   Blue Scarlet Scarlet
Corps of Royal Military Police   Red Blue
Royal Army Pay Corps   Blue Blue Primrose Yellow
Royal Army Veterinary Corps Blue Maroon Maroon
Military Provost Staff Corps Blue Blue Scarlet
Royal Army Educational Corps
Royal Army Dental Corps Blue Emerald Green Emerald Green

Royal Pioneer Corps  

Blue Scarlet


Intelligence Corps   Blue Green Green
Army Physical Training Corps   Blue Blue Scarlet
Army Catering Corps   Green Grebe Grey Grebe Grey
Women’s Royal Army Corps Green

Stable Belts

Each regiment and branch of service has its own unique Stable belt which normally is in the regimental colours.

Information on the various colours and styles can be found at: stablebelts.co.uk

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